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Long Overdue

I’d like to apologise to you. I have treated you worse than I ever would dare to treat another human being or living thing. I have hated you most of your life and I know now that that wasn’t fair. You didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry.

I have never been able to see beauty in you, even though you try so hard to show it to others. Others who are ultimately as blind to you as I am. For which I am to blame. I’m sorry.

I’ve caused you many hours of torment and solitude. My own inability to love you is infectious. I left you ugly and alone your whole life and I’m sorry.

Desperately reaching, seeking, grasping, trying and failing under my restraint. I’ll never do that to you again.

I see you now. You make me proud. You never gave up in spite of all the scars inflicted upon you. You found joy where I could not hide it and you laughed, you loved. No matter the consequence, you loved. You were brave.

I know you now and I love you. I know your heart and how it beats for others. I feel it break and yet beat still for others. When all scars heal, it beats for itself. It beats, it beats.

The road ahead is long, but it is no longer dark. My love for you will light whatever path you choose to walk. When darkness looms, I’ll light the way. For as long as the beat is strong, I’ll light the way.

I can’t promise success or desires fulfilled. I won’t lead you to believe in happy ever after, but happy here and now is mine to keep.