Slurs of Wisdom – from The Off-Kilter Advisory Board (TOKAB)

No, you’re not like them, but here’s the thing – you don’t have to be like them. Did you know that? Of course not, that’s why you’re here. You’re yet to figure it out for yourself, isn’t that so? They won’t tell you, of course. In fact, they’re pretty likely to tell you the opposite….

Smartphones, Silly Giants

“Miss, can you please step onto the travelator? Miss, move across to the travelator!” The train station attendant manipulated his way through the crowd effortlessly in comparison to Julie’s awkward tripping and fumbling, as he approached and urged her towards one of the many snaking walkways. “Oh, sorry. I’m not using a device so…” “Move…

I’ve Never Liked Kidney Beans Anyway

I’ve never really spoken about my experience with cancer, other than stating the fact that I had it a long time ago and then quickly brushing the whole thing aside before people’s faces sadden with an unwarranted sympathy. I’m not inhibited about mentioning it, but mentioning it is as far as I’ll tend to go….

Growing Up Is Hard To Do – Especially In London

I make this statement after recently spending the night in a bar playing a Marvel vs Street Fighter arcade game until my hand cramped up. And what an excellent night it was! The swell of elation as I kicked major butt, swiftly followed by stroppy annoyance after someone far superior came along and showed me…