To The Regime, With Love

How do you see the people that surround you?

How do you see?

Please, tell me

Help me

I see it already in my mind’s eye

We destroy, you and I

We are the same

Blame cannot lie anywhere other than at my own feet

I love you and I hate everything that you do

A wrenching hatred that courses through my veins like poison

Tormenting my heart’s love with its treason

How I despise you

I curse you

You and your righteous cause

Destructive laws

Your wanton inability to take pause

To see the truth in what it is you do

How do you see me?

We are the same, you and I

So tell me, how do you see me?

I fear us

You reek of death

You are covered in blood

Dripping from your very being like an infinite fountain of red

I see you


So what of me?

Do you love me as you love yourself?

Or seek to rip my soul from my body in jest

Upon which side of the coin do I rest?

I see me

I bleed myself

While you bleed life from many

A virus strong

How do you see them?

Beyond the river of red that you feed

Atop the mountain of death that bleeds

Does what you seek lay in wait on the horizon?

Some cruel fate bound us together

Love me, as you I


By Celia Morgan

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