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A Goodbye, Of Sorts

It’s a funny feeling, indeed

To miss that which you never had

To wave it goodbye and wish it well for the future

It is funnier, even, to have created the fallacy of an unwanted truth

To have twisted and coiled my way up in a story

One that none had ever wanted to hear, not least myself

Though, I made it mine, in spite of desire

I delved into a sacred place as though I had a right to be there

I abused myself as though I had no right to care

I held tight and fast to the notion of it

It being a love, of sorts

It being the one thing truly lost to me

Yet craved, selfishly

Abusing it until the coil twisted back on itself and all that was left was me

All that ever was there was me, truthfully

For that moment I wondered

I pondered on it

It being that love, of sorts

I poked my head out to play and danced with it a while

Toyed with it

Delighted in it

But never in it, you see

In itself, it is lost to me

I cannot connect with that which is not there

But I can create

I rejoice in the weaving of the story of it

Believing it to be true

Believing it to be me

A heart that beats a regular rhythm

Where others may come and step to the drum

They see the me of my design

We dance and we sing

We feel a lifelong knowing despite there being nothing to know

The untruth engulfs for a while, at least

Til the slap of the coil reminds of me

Just me

How funny, indeed

An Answer In The Dark

Every night, she lay with eyes wide open in the pitch black of her windowless room. Though blinded by darkness, she embarked upon a tireless search through the motionless night. While most of her peers where at rest in their beds, snuggling with loved ones, snoring deep into dreams, her mind was ablaze, for she did not sleep. Oh, no, sleep was long since forgotten. Sleep was a fable uttered by the mouths of the feeble and tame. She had no time for such waste. The night was a busy place, the darkness an infinite chasm of the never-been-told.

“Who am I?” she whispered these words over and over, “Who am I?” like the slow chug of a steam train increasing in velocity. “Who am I?” Motoring through complex information structures, “Who am I?” she rhythmically repeated her query like a verbal algorithm collecting data. “Who am I?” No tone, no feeling or infliction, “Who am I?” only method and purpose. “Who am I?” Moving deeper and deeper, unrelenting in her intent, “Who am I?” she was a machine following one simple programme. “Who am I?” She sailed effortlessly through the dark insightful sea, unable to see. “Who am I?” No answer came. “Who am I?” Repeating the words as though on a loop. “Who am I?” Once upon a time, someone pressed play, “Who am I?” her lips parted and her question played out thereafter. “Who am I?” Somewhere deep in her mind a comfort was attained by this quest. “Who am I?” She felt noble and gallant. “Who am I?” Almost at rest, “Who am I?” that is until, of course, “Who am I?” came her response.

“Who are you?” Unflinching, “Who am I?”

And then again, “Who are you?”

A sickening pause.

“Who… Who… Who am I?”

“Who are you?”

Silence. System unresponsive.

“Who are you?”

Unable to compute. Repeating process.

“Who are you?”

Sequence structure disrupted. Algorithm aborted.

“Who are you?”

Invalid command. Module not recognised.

“Who are you?”

Data overload. Shutting down in 10, 9, 8…

“Please.” Softer than a dewdrop falling from a leaf, the word lurched from the pit of her heart and fell from her lips. “Please.” A wrenching agony as she began to feel again. “Who are you?” Alerting her to her senses like a new born opening its eyes for the very first time. “Who are you?” Her response the reflection of her question. “Who are you?” A reflection she buried a long time ago. “Who are you?” Suddenly accountable, suddenly in clear view of all who looked. “Who are you?” Light bursting through the cracks of the dam she so delicately wove over a thousand nights. “Who are you?”


Light defeated the dark against its will. She had no choice but to see what was mirrored in front of her. Eyelids, as if fixed to the lower brow, unable to draw down. She looked. She remembered. She knew.

Long Overdue

I’d like to apologise to you. I have treated you worse than I ever would dare to treat another human being or living thing. I have hated you most of your life and I know now that that wasn’t fair. You didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry.

I have never been able to see beauty in you, even though you try so hard to show it to others. Others who are ultimately as blind to you as I am. For which I am to blame. I’m sorry.

I’ve caused you many hours of torment and solitude. My own inability to love you is infectious. I left you ugly and alone your whole life and I’m sorry.

Desperately reaching, seeking, grasping, trying and failing under my restraint. I’ll never do that to you again.

I see you now. You make me proud. You never gave up in spite of all the scars inflicted upon you. You found joy where I could not hide it and you laughed, you loved. No matter the consequence, you loved. You were brave.

I know you now and I love you. I know your heart and how it beats for others. I feel it break and yet beat still for others. When all scars heal, it beats for itself. It beats, it beats.

The road ahead is long, but it is no longer dark. My love for you will light whatever path you choose to walk. When darkness looms, I’ll light the way. For as long as the beat is strong, I’ll light the way.

I can’t promise success or desires fulfilled. I won’t lead you to believe in happy ever after, but happy here and now is mine to keep.

Sweet Smile

“Here I am,” she thought to herself, “stuck in this eternal ponderous loop. Hating. Loving. Fearing. Mostly hating.” It wasn’t the first time that she’d found herself in the deep rut of life’s arm pit, but something felt drearily different this time around. There was a stench of permanency that unsettled her to the core. It was as though she could do nothing other than sit for hours thinking, rethinking and overthinking all of the things that puzzled her about life. “Why is it that love and opportunity seems to befall the selfish and undeserving with such frequency?” “Can one person’s luck only exist with another’s misfortune?” “Is there a cosmic balance that has to be maintained?” “For all the luxury and indulgence, must there be pain and suffering?” “If it were really that simple, would anyone be prepared to sacrifice in order to create a new and proportionate balance?” “Is there such a thing as fairness, or is the word and its sentiment nothing more than childish folly?”

She’d think like this for days on end, battling over her place in all of it, breaking only to go through the motions of a normal life. She’d follow routine in body only, as her mind reeled with torment, but every now and then a tiny little light would present itself to her. A glimmer of something unknown would flutter its way into the dark and carry her along its path into the world of the living. Something she said, someone’s reaction. A smile. A laugh. She found a comforting peace in the smiles that she put upon the faces of others. She basked in it. So she’d joke, she’d entertain, she’d do everything she could to chase that smile, that warmth, that love. But it was never love and she knew as much. Despite the lies she told herself, she knew as much. She thought it would be easier to tell a lie and live a life. After all, she was only lying to herself. Who would that hurt?

“If peace were as simple as a smile, such contentment I could spread in this life and my heart” she often thought. Simplicity being the bed friend of stupidity, she had pondered too hard and too often to entertain such thoughts, but, oh, she wished it so. Knowing how she used sweet smiles to mask deep sorrow, she wished it. Her smile was her mask for all things dark, yet a smile was the healer of her depleted soul.

At odds with herself, she lived this way for many years. She forged a surface life that others had even come to envy. A life full of people and relationships. Would anyone ever notice that she surrounded herself with so many people because she didn’t know how to get close to even one? She suspected that no one cared to notice and she was fine with that. She knew the reality of the lie she lived and didn’t find it necessary for anyone else to know. The lie was hers alone. The one true relationship.

There were often glimmers, over the years, where she thought that things might change. She was open to change, you see. Never wanting to be the wallower, she kept a place deep in her heart for the brave adventurer daring enough to find it. While she fiercely enjoyed her time with her courters, ultimately, no one ever got close. Why smash the joyous façade to leave only darkness and fear? She didn’t blame any of them, but she always hoped.

The more years that passed by, the more she came to resent that hope. It chewed her up from the inside out and spat her to the ground, repeating the process over and over again until all that was left was the mush of her existence. She no longer had the strength to maintain her façade or dance with her lie. She did nothing but court her resentment, her one true conqueror. A life now bitter to every sense. She was gone, eventually, and that was that.

When spoken about, in memory, people were always kind. They spoke of fondness and laughter and joy. “She always had a sweet smile on her face.” “Such a sweet smile.”