See here this reclamation
A simple lie; a completed circle

That I dare not see
In this state, is arbitrary

Wash my hands in the bathroom
Look down look down
Feet like lead weights, clamped to the spot

This black skin is not my sin
Voices unheard in the innermost din

We stand in perpetual fear
Like when you see a thing so bad you wipe it from your mind and pretend that it doesn’t exist

I am that
Piece of unwanted fat trimmed and binned because nobody who knows what’s good for them wants that

Deep down deep down
Descent to silence

Here, I scorch a brand upon body and soul

Guzzle guzzle nom nom
What now seeps from my blistered eyes and drips back into the vessel?

Sup sup sup, leak it out all over my shoes
Shiny and sparkling and bright

They call out to me and grab at my pretty shoes, but I’m just here to skip and be free

Sometimes I lie down lie down, but hands
They claw too much into my skin

Like hundreds of tiny knives piercing and ripping through
They would eat me all away if I let them

Silence breaks
Put out into the light

Cautious and shook
An audacious look
Oh, so soon the sounds reclaimed

Like the smelly old perfume you receive for Christmas every year

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